Sydney to Hobart Sponsorship Announcement

(Melbourne,  14th December 2021) – TRADE VIEW, the leading algorithmic trading platform, is excited to announce its sponsorship of Maverick, sailed by Rod Smallman and his crew in the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.

Maverick is a fully crewed, world-class race yacht that has competed in many world events; including a brilliant third overall in the 2018 Melbourne Osaka yacht race; and is owned by one of Trade View’s longtime clients Rod Smallman.

“As a long-standing client of TRADE VIEW, it was only a matter of time before we joined forces in bridging the gap towards automation across different industries.

I am extremely excited about this partnership as I am very aware of the importance of using software towards automating features on my boat. Today we can tell how long it will take to get to a destination, what weather we’re likely to get, what live ships are around us, and much, much more.

That is why as with Trade View X – if you’ve done the work and proper due diligence, then live trading should simply be a confirmation of what you’re already expecting. It’s the same with the software on the boat – a confirmation of what you already know – ’cause you’ve done the prep. Going into the water without automated software makes it that much harder to navigate, the same as the financial markets.” explains Rod.

TRADE VIEW Director, Robert Bubalovski says: “To say that sailing is easy is an understatement, too many people think they can navigate the ocean easily but as all who sail know- it takes many years of practice and hard work which Rod has under his wings. We understand this too well,  as we navigate our way through the financial markets including cryptos that have been a major part of our automated trading in recent years as we enjoy the volatility. But that too takes many years of practice and building robust trading models that have been tested to prove a positive expectancy. Whether you are sailing or trading- without automation you are flying blind“.

Designed by ‘Andrieu Yacht Design’- Rod has incorporated automation into ‘Maverick’ which includes automated steering (which allows Rod to point the boat in either a specific direction or a specific wind angle and the yacht will hold coordinates). “Maverick also has software that will plot a premium course based on the characteristics of the boat and the predicted wind. It can also track competitors in the seas, giving visibility as to what others are up to and whether they’re getting favourable conditions or not. This is invaluable data if you know what to look for”.

Similarly, Trade View X is built for automation. The web-based platform incorporates speed, accuracy and accessibility from anywhere in the world to help clients build, test and trade their own strategies. The platform also offers many tools to extend these strategies towards creating robust, tradeable models, helping clients navigate the financial markets even in volatile times. It is simple – if you are not trading with TRADE VIEW X, then you are trading against someone who is.

TRADE VIEW Director, Robert Bubalovski adds: “We are here to support our clients and that is why we offer unlimited support when they subscribe to Trade View X Pro, no other company in the world offers this level of service, and I challenge all companies to start offering unlimited support”.

The Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race starts on December 26, 2021, and will run through to January 1 2022, with the Seven Network broadcasting the race live on 7Mate. You can also follow the race on ABC TV.

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