Spreads and Execution

With a direct feed into liquidity providers we have some of the fastest pricing and execution speeds in the industry which means you will have the best available prices. Spreads go as low as 0.0 pips on the Trade View X Platform.

Margin and Leverage

Traders can gain access to up to 500:1 Leverage to trade in the financial markets. The use of margin / leverage can magnify gains but also has the ability for losses to exceed your initial deposit.

Currency Pairs

Trade View offers over 55 different pairs, 5 metals and the most popular indices which can be traded on the TVX platform. Using a direct connection to liquidity providers we can offer the most competitive pricing available for retail traders.

Swap / Rollover Rates

Swap Rates are offered on all currency pairs, precious metals, and Indices. These are determined by the overnight difference in the interest rate of the currencies in which you are trading.

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