Discover top automated trading strategies from all over the world, select the ones you like and copy their trades in real-time.

Automated Copy trading enables individuals in the financial markets to automatically copy positions opened and managed by clients running Automated trading systems that follow entry & exit rules.

Many trade copy providers have very limited historical trade data which most commonly starts when the signal is created and gives no indication of how the trader performed prior to this period.

With X-Social signals are first created into an algorithm and tested with over 10 years of data to see if it gives the expected results, which you will be able to see before copying the system.


You are in Control

Choose a System to Copy

Analyse top systems and choose the risk / reward that suits you

Select an amount to allocate

Choose the amount you would like to allocate to the copy system

Click Copy

Click the copy button to start auto copying the trading system

Why use X-Social copy trading?

An easier way to Automate your trading

No need to stay up late watching the markets and worrying about positions. Copy automated systems that can trade and manage your positions 24/7.


Choose from already tested and diversified portfolios or simply create your own.

Manage your Risk​

Filter through top ranking trading systems and select the strategies that best suit you, and adjust your personal risk settings to increase or decrease the risk per strategy.

Save time and start earning passive income

Reduce the need to look at the charts 24/7 and allow X-Social to start trading while you focus on the more important things in life

In Depth Analysis

Whether you choose to copy a trend following or a reversal system you will be able to see detailed performance analytics and a visual chart of previous positions it has taken 

Start investing with limited knowledge

You don’t need to know everything about Crypto’s Forex, Indices or Commodities or the Financial markets to start copying experienced traders and systems that do.

Adjustable Risk Settings

Risk multiplier by Balance, by Equity, by Lot Multiplier, Fixed lot size

100% Control

You can turn on and off Copy trades when you like from any device

Trading strategies listed on, and available for copying through, Trade View X-Social are developed and managed by third parties. Trade View accepts no responsibility for the performance of strategies made available through its Social Trading application(s). Past performance is not indicative of future results. Statistics and indicators provided by Trade View for each strategy have inherent limitations. No representation is being made that the strategies will or are likely to achieve profits or losses in accordance to the statistics and indicators shown.

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