Strategy of the Month – MAY 2016



Dear Traders,

This month we dive into another exciting system!

We are often contacted by many of you who are looking for trading strategies, so each month in 2016, we will be featuring a back-tested, automated trading strategy.

This month’s system is a TREND FOLLOWING strategy.

A Trend Following strategy aims to take advantage of directional moves that persist over a period of time. Once a trend is defined, these systems will look to trade in and out of an established trend. 

The specific system we look at below is VERY simple such that every trader should be able to understand how it works.

However funnily enough, few traders build and test such systems, and never manage to achieve results as shown below.


Students who attend the Intermediate Workshop build systems like this. They get to see HOW these systems work, HOW to modify such strategies, and HOW to make them their own.

We will show you how WE trade on the Trade View desk, and how YOU can automate your strategies like the professionals Рno programming experience required. 

Below is a snapshot of how this strategy performs:


For this system, we simply use one Moving Average indicator to determine the direction of the trend, then identify a pullback (based on specifically defined criteria) to enter the trade.

  • Markets & Timeframes Tested
    • EUR/USD, M5
  • Period Tested From – To:
    • 21.01.2015 – 21.01.2016

Specific criteria relating to Entries, Exits, Indicator settings, Take Profit/Stop Loss and system performance are discussed extensively in the INTERMEDIATE WORKSHOP.


  • % Return
    • +17.5% per year
  • Max DD
    • 3.85%
  • Money Management
    • We use our proprietary Money Management, please contact us for further details.

Students of our Intermediate Workshop will also gain detailed insight into how we analyse the performance of this system – this is critical.

Would you like to build and trade this strategy, PLUS learn how to build, test and trade any strategy you are already trading, or idea you create?

If so Рwe only have a few seats left for our June Intermediate Workshop. 

Book your seat NOW by clicking here or contact one of our systems traders-  Eddie on 03 9018 5438 or email at

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