Trade View Enters the Trade Execution Space

Melbourne, Australia, October 03, 2022


Trade View has now secured a Securities Dealers License SD125 which is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in Seychelles.

With this license, Trade View is now able to offer its world-class trading platform Trade View X to clients, so they are able to trade multi assets from the one platform. You can now trade CFDs on Forex, Crypto’s, Indices and Commodities all from Trade View X.

Trade View has been developing Trade View X to be the premium All-In-One platform with an array of built-in Algorithmic trading tools without the need to code. All the tools are cloud-based which means no more downloading of clunky ancient platforms or apps.

Now you can build, test and trade algo’s all from any device, Desktop, Mobile & Tablet.

Manual click trading is also available from our deal tickets, order books, charts and watchlists. 

Trade View X is available from any device, no need for third-party plugins or approvals.

The Team at Trade View is led by General Manager Edwin Cornelissen, who has been with the business since 2012.

“We have been building the tools to help traders navigate the markets for years, now it’s time for us to enter the execution space to offer a unique all-in-one offering which no other broker offers. We have manual trading, automated trading with no code (when we say no code – we mean no code) and backtesting engines that can test multiple instruments, timeframes and algos better than any other platform. Traders can access our in-house institutional grade Analysis tool which is also part of their statements module, not to mention our built-in Copy trading service (X-Social) which allows traders to copy other performing traders with a simple click of a button.

Other brokers have clunky add-ons where you have to sign in here and there to get access to multiple services, with us all you need to do is open an account and all the tools are available from the one terminal and platform, we even have our payments/rebates/ib solution integrated into one terminal rather than having to navigate multiple sites.

We are confident you will not find a better solution with our proprietary in-house tools and our level of customer-focused support.

We have also been working very hard to source extremely competitive spreads and execution speeds which we believe will challenge the best of them, but our plans are not to challenge, our plans are to be the best and then continue to widen the gap between Trade View and the competition.

Our execution speed is the result of us having a direct feed to our liquidity providers which allows for our technology to perform at its best.

Trade View clients will now be able to run their trading models all in the cloud without the need for a VPS or attaching them to a specific chart. We believe our Superior technology solution is miles ahead of the rest.

It’s time to move forward with your trading – unplug legacy platforms and brokers and join the algo revolution, we are faster, stronger and putting it simply – just better.”

Check out Trade View X here: