X-Manager (No More VPS) & X-Social (Copy Trading)

Drop your slow VPS and experience the difference with X-Manager cloud trading and copy trading signals

X-Manager (No More VPS) & X-Social (Copy Trading)

We have some great News to announce.

We will be releasing our Cloud Based X-Manager Trading engine (No more VPS)

X-Manager allows all your trades and accounts to be managed within the Trade View cloud, no more timely setting up platforms on VPS servers, now you have everything, at the click of a button, within the one platform.

Added features include X-Social (Copy Trading) functionality,  allowing you to select and copy top performing algo’s whilst controlling your own risk parameters. 

Ensure Uninterrupted Operation Of Your Trading Signals And Algorithms with Built-in Cloud Servers.

Drop Your VPS And Experience The Freedom Of Cloud-Based Trading.

Keep all your settings in one place. Control your trades anywhere, anytime.

What you can do:

  • Push Algos directly to the cloud without the need to download and install
  • One login to access all your trading accounts
  • Manage algos from any device – Desktop, Tablet and mobile
  • Copy successful traders
  • 100% control

Here is a Video of X-Manager in action

Also to streamline the process of downloading Algos for MT4 & 5, we will also be removing the need for a library file which will allow you to download pre-compiled files

This will take effect on Friday 25th November 2022.

We look forward to continued improvements of our product and services in 2023 as we have more in the pipeline which we are 100% confident you will want to be a part of and have access to.

We look forward to seeing you all at our annual Algo trading conference on 26th November 2022

To Access X-Manager & X-Social you will need to open and fund a trading account through our partner broker.