2016 Sydney IFTA Conference

2016 Sydney IFTA Conference

Hi Traders,

This past weekend the Trade View team had the pleasure of exhibiting at the annual IFTA Conference in Sydney, and presenting to our traders Sydney meetup to a BOOKED OUT audience!

It was a great weekend; as we showed traders at both events for the first time our new proprietary algorithmic software called Trade View X.


We received amazing feedback from all who saw the presentation, and the audience were very involved throughout. Audience members provided indicators, entries and exit criteria; and by using Trade View X showed traders how to automate a system without any programming knowledge!

Within 5 – 10 min, we were able to build and backtest a working Mean Reversion system on a 5 min timeframe. The strategy took approximately 800 trades – imagine how long that would have taken manually!

Once traders had seen what was possible with Trade View X, we had a number of requests to build individual systems for people. Below are some of the results of a strategy using a Stochastic & MACD that a gentleman asked us to build (Feel free to ask if you would like to know more about the specific entries & exits).



After quickly reviewing the strategy, the gentleman was impressed with the results; and has now asked us to show him how to build more systems of his own. Again- this is all without having any prior knowledge of the strategy.

Another example below shows a long only strategy, which achieved nearly 15% returns, with just over 2% drawdown over the last 6 months:


Finally, we also had the opportunity to talk with some very well known traders such as Daryl Guppy from CNBC & John Bollinger, the creator of the Bollinger Bands Indicator.




All in all we had a great weekend – thanks to the ATAA for inviting us.

Here are some additional photos from our Meetup – thanks to all who attended and welcome to those who have booked in for our next available Intermediate Workshop in February to learn how to build their own algorithmic systems.


If you would like to know more about Trade View X or details about these strategies, call us know to discuss further.

We can show you how we trade various markets on the desk, in all kinds of market conditions, using multiple strategies.


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