Complaints Handling Policy

Trade View Technologies Ltd (hereinafter the “Company”) aims to provide superior services to all of its Clients. 

The Company has appointed a Compliance Officer to ensure the proper handling of any complaints from the Clients. This is to allow the Company to resolve and apply mandatory measures to avoid any recurring issues.


The Company classifies a complaint as any objection and/or dissatisfaction that the Client may have with regards to the provision of the services provided by the Company. A complaint form is enclosed at the end of this policy.


The Compliance Officer shall be responsible to ensure the proper handling of Client complaints, except in the case where the complaint involves the Compliance Officer, whereby the complaint shall be handled by the Representative Officer.

The Client may register a complaint by completing the complaint form, using any of the following options:

  • Email:
  • Postal Address: Trade View Technologies Ltd

                                       CT House, Office 9A

                                       Providence, Mahe


  1. When the Company receives the Client’s complaint then a written acknowledgement will be sent to the Client within 7 business days;
  2. The Company will attempt a final response within 30 business days, however in case we are still not in a position to resolve the issue then the Company will notify you in writing stating the reasons for the delay and indicate an estimated time to resolve the issue;
  3. A final response should be provided to the Client within 60 business days the latest from the date he submitted his complaint; 
  4. In the case where the complainant is still not satisfied with the Company’s final response, then the complainant can refer his complaint with a copy of the Company’s final response to the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in Seychelles for further examination.

The contact details for the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in Seychelles are set out below:

Address:PO Box 991Bois de Rose AvenueRoche Caiman Victoria, Mahe, Republic of Seychelles
Phone:(+248) 438 08 00
Fax:(+248) 438 08 88 

Client Records 

The Client should provide all relevant documentation as well as any additional information requested by the Company in order to ensure all records are collected and the complaint is properly resolved on time.

All records will be kept safe as per local requirements and for a period of seven (7) years.

Complaint Form

A. Client Information:

Name:Account Number:
Address:Telephone Number:

B. Type of Complaint 

  1. Execution of Orders
  1. Quality or lack of information provided
  1. Terms and Conditions/Fees/Charges
  1. General admin/Customer Services 
  1. Unauthorized business being offered
  1. Issue in relation to withdrawal of funds
  1. Other (specify)

C. Brief Summary of the Complaint:

Please describe the product or service you are complaining about (description, evidence, amount and suggested way to be solved):

  • Please enclose any other relevant documentation that may help us to handle the complaint.
  •  Possible documentation to be provided (client statement, correspondence with the Company as well as any other supporting documentation to be requested by the Company which is relevant to the Client’s complaint)

________________________                                          ________________________

Date and place                                                                                Client Signature 

For internal use only: 
Complaint Received By:Date:
Acknowledgement sent to Client:□ Yes  –   □ No  
Informed Client of initial action:□ Yes  –   □ No  
Final response provided to Client:□ Yes  –   □ No  
Holding response provided to Client: □ Yes  –   □ No  –   □ N/A  
Signature of Compliance Officer:Date:
Last updated October 2022
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