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Powerful, comprehensive all-in-one execution and client management platform. Front end UX and back office customisation.

Web – Mobile – Tablet

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X-social window

X-Social (Copy Trading)

Discover top automated trading strategies from all over the world, select the ones you like and copy their trades in real-time.

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With a fully customizable platform and the ability to open unlimited charts, indicators and automated alerts, Trade View X-Charts is the next level of charting software

X-chart window

If you can see the pattern on the chart, X-Scope can Automate it instantly

Automate your trading like never before.
Using Drag & Drop blocks there is no need to learn to code.

Backtest your strategies on multiple instruments and timeframes simultaneously to see which markets could give you an edge.

X-Analyser is a powerful analytical tool providing users with detailed insight into the performance of their algorithmic models and portfolios.

Drop your VPS and manage your automated trading strategies in the cloud.
Experience the difference with Cloud Based Trading.

Economic Calendar & Alerts Center

View market events, filter what's important to you, and set countdown timers and alerts for news events that might affect your trading strategies

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News window
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Get updates on the latest financial news from around the globe.

Our Benefits

One Platform - One Solution

Custom CRM Solution

All the client data you need to manage and maintain client relationships

Custom White Labels

All-in one whitelabel solution and distribution, Quick and easy set up

Full IT Support

We look after all the IT needs so you can concentrate on what matters most - clients


Money managers gain the flexibility of an all-in one trading solution

Liquidity Hub

Connect to your current liquidity HUB so you can maintain your current settings

Full Market Making Capabilities

Create, manage, adapt your trading capabilities to your full potential

All-in-one Solution

A solution that keeps clients in your environment, were they should be

User analytics

Analytics on all client activity that allows you to identify new areas of interest

Trade analytics

Access to live client trade data and risk allocations instantly

Revenue analytics

Find out where your revenue is coming from and how to best utilize the flow

Funding and KYC Collection

Onboarding and funding has never been easier. One platform, One Solution

Customized Solutions

Looking for a customized solution? Let us know your needs.


All in one pricing, no hidden extras

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