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Gain access to our Algo Essentials pack giving you access to 10 advanced algos to get you started.

Reduce your amount of screen time per day with the help of these built-in trading tools to help gain a competitive edge in the markets.

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*Free for all accounts deposited with $200

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*Free for all accounts deposited with $200

Cutting-edge trading platform

Build. Test. Trade.

Trade View X puts the latest in professional trading technology at your fingertips so you can focus on what matters most.


  • Chat with like minded traders with a wide choice of chatrooms to choose from
  • Post and explore new automated trading ideas


  • Automate your trading like never before 
  • Using Drag & Drop blocks there is no need to struggle with the complexity of learning to code.


  • With a fully customizable platform and the ability to open unlimited charts, indicators and automated alerts, Trade View x-Charts is the next level of charting software


  • If you can see the pattern on the chart, x-Scope can Automate it instantly


  • Drop your VPS and manage your automated strategies with an all in one system built in the cloud, x-Manager, Trade View Tech’s dedicated VPS


  • Discover top automated trading strategies from all over the world, copy these systems and automatically copy their trades in real-time.


  • Backtest your strategies on multiple instruments and timeframes simultaneously to see which markets could give you an edge.


  • EA Analyser is a powerful analytical tool providing users with detailed insight into the performance of their algorithmic models and portfolios.

Watch Lists

  • Create a custom watch list with

Economic Calendar & Alerts center

  • View market events, filter what’s important to you, and set countdown timers and alerts for news events that might affect your trading strategies


  • Get updates on the latest financial news from around the globe.

Weekly Market brief

  • Weekly outlook and key levels that impact the financial markets.
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